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Filmmaker/Content Creator​

Starting his professional acting career in Denver, not NY or LA, Swann decided to make opportunities for himself. Drawing on his production skills learned in college and collaborating with other local actors and filmmakers, Swann became a filmmaker himself. His first production, EAZY, was an official selection of the TriMedia Film Festival in Fort Collins, CO and is one of his first IMDB credits. In addition to starring in the short film, Swann wrote, produced and directed it with a friend from his acting workshop.

Since then, Swann has continued to work behind the camera on short films, music videos and countless YouTube videos.

Today, using an ensemble cast from his own acting workshop, T2TC. He is actively producing films and creating opportunities both for himself and other local actors. Recently, his film, “Tank and Tina’s First Vacation” was selected and screened as part of the Orlando Independent Filmmakers #LOL Challenge.

Moving forward, Swann plans to make his name and T2TC synonymous with visual storytelling and content creation. So much more is on the horizon!