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Crisis Intervention Teams

As a professional actor who is certified in Mental Health First Aid USA, Swann has been an actor in Crisis Intervention Team and Officer Assessment roleplay since 2009. His experience with CIT training is quite extensive.

As a contractor for the National Institute of Corrections, Swann has contributed to the development of at least a dozen CIT programs.

He has acted in training scenarios as well as facilitated scenarios as the coach. He has informally coached and trained facilitators and actors which led him to develop his own Actor’s workshop, “Effective Acting for the CIT Roleplayer”.

Law enforcement agencies that Swann has served include…

  • Arapahoe County, CO Sheriff
  • Clark County, WA Sheriff
  • Colorado Springs, CO Police
  • Denver, CO Police
  • Denver, CO Sheriff
  • Douglass County, CO Sheriff
  • Florida Department of Corrections
  • Jefferson County, CO Police
  • Los Angeles County, CA Sheriff
  • Louisiana Dept of Corrections
  • Maryland Dept of Correctional Services
  • Massachusetts Department of Correction
  • Missouri Dept of Corrections
  • Nebraska Dept of Correctional Services
  • New Haven, CT Police
  • New Jersey Department of Corrections
  • Ohio Dept of Rehabilitation and Correction
  • Seminole County Sheriff
  • South Carolina Corrections
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Virginia Department of Corrections
  • West Virginia Division of Corrections
  • Wisconsin Department Of Corrections

Effective Acting for the CIT Roleplayer

Swann has been teaching his CIT Acting workshop to professional actors, civilian volunteers and to correctional officers across the country since 2015. In fact, after working as an actor for the State of Texas as part of the Texas Mental Health Initiative, Swann was asked to deliver his acting workshop to the attendees. The workshop was so well received that Swann was brought back to deliver the workshop to more officers and continues to support the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a CIT consultant.

Aimee Crockett – Project Coordinator Correctional Management Institute of Texas
“The workshop was so valuable to our trainers! We intend to hold the Master Trainer training session on an annual basis… I would like to keep you (Swann) on that agenda. “

For the past 2 years, Swann has been selected to deliver his workshop to attendees of the CIT International Conference. He is recognized as a leader in the industry.  In January of 2020, he delivered an 8-hour workshop to the Lubbock, TX Sherriff’s Department which was covered by the local news. (see video)

Since COVID-19, Swann has adapted his workshop for virtual delivery and now, it is not only available to agencies but also to individuals who want to benefit from this training. For information on the virtual workshop, visit

To discuss group discounts or bringing this workshop to your facility, contact Swann today.

Standardized Patient

Swann has also worked as a Standardized Patient in medical and psychological cases, since 2014, for Rocky Vista University, University of Central Florida and Seminole State College. In 2017 he took his work with medical students to the next level by becoming a Physical Examination Teaching Associate for the UCF College of Medicine. In that role, he actually teaches medical students how to give various physical exams!

Corporate Training

Rounding out his roleplay acting experience, Swann also acts in training scenarios for corporate sales teams that are designed to teach the participants different personality styles and how to communicate effectively with them. For more information on that type of training, contact Dramatic Training Solutions and tell them Swann sent you.