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Born and raised in New York, Swann Christopher grew up in front of the TV. As a child he dreamed of being an actor. Although he performed in productions in school and church, it wasn’t until adulthood that Swann decided to pursue a career in acting. 

Today, with more than 30 IMDB credits, Swann can be seen in commercials, independent films, TV shows and tons of internet videos. His bad boy looks and rock solid exterior are contrasted by his boyish smile and sense of humor. He is equally comfortable in uniform, behind bars, or slipping on a banana peel.

Swann also works regularly as a live roleplay actor. He has acted in roleplay scenarios for the purpose of educating law enforcement officers, medical and nursing students as well as corporate sales teams. You might even find him as a detective hosting a murder mystery party, a mad scientist on stage at an elementary school or any number of characters roaming the streets of Universal Studios Orlando during their marquis events.